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Our parish Saint Sebald

Our parish Saint Sebald is located in Altenfurt, a suburb of Nuremberg. Together with our neighbour-parishes "Holy Spirit Fischbach" and "Mother Of The Good Advice Moorenbrunn" we form the union "AlFiMo". We are a part of the deanship Nuremberg-South of the diocese Eichstätt. Altenfurt has about 5000 inhabitants, ca. a half of them are Catholics.

[Photo: Our church]
Our church
Our church in der Von-Soden-Street was built 1935. 1957 the building was extended. It is consectrated to Saint Sebald. Next to the curch is the Pfarrheim, which was built in 1975.
Over the road is the "Caritas Pirckheimer" old people's home.

Since 1991 Karl Schiele is our priest.
Kurt Reinelt is deacon and Lucian Mot is Gemeindereferent. Ulrich Schnalzger interns since september 2006 for his future work as priest. Since 2005 Andreas Wanka works as chaplain in our parish.

[Photo: The roman chapel in Altenfurt]
The roman chapel
At the crossways Löwenberger-Oelser-Street there is a roman chaple. It is the oldest standing sainthood in Nuremberg. Its origin is full of legends. One of them referes to emperor Charlemagne. The existence of the chaple was first-times documentated 1225. Long time it was a posession of the Egidien-cloister. After reformation it lost importance and was used for profane purposes. Since 1816 it was in the posession of family from Scheuerl. 1950 the parish bought the estate and the chaple. After renovation it was re-consecrated on Mai 11th 1952. Today a lot of baptisms and marriages are celebrated in the chaple . The place around the chaple is named after our former priest Leonhard Übler. It is the scene of all great celebrations in our parish.

[Photo: Our patron saint 'Saint Sebald' at the entrance of our church]
The patron saint of our parish
Saint Sebald
Now we will list some groups in our parish:
We, the catholic youth (KJG), offer weekly group meetings for children and teens at different ages. Once a year we go on a bigger trip. Alternately to a swimming bath or on a hike. The height of the year is our great summer camp in August.
In St. Sebald we have over 30 ministrants. A lot of them are in the KJG. Sometimes the ministrans organize also seperate actions. As tribute for there service the parish organizes every year a christmas party.
Since some years we have a children's choir named "Nesthäkchen". Our youth band "Living Stones" makes music at church services an other events.
Ther groups are the family circle, the mother-child-group, the women's circle and the seniors' meeting.
Our parish has two kindergartens: "St. Sebald" in Von-Soden-Street and "Montessori-Kindergarten St. Christopherus" at Hohenstaufenweg.

Every summer, about Saint John's day, we celebrate a big festival. Friday is the youth day. The evening starts with inflame of the midsummer fire. A band plays live music, there's a lottery and you can get barbeque, Chinese food, French fries and other good things. Naturally there are even enoutgh soft drinks or beer for everyone. On saturday we do a puppet show for the children. Sunday starts with a big mass ath the chapel. In the afternoon you can get cake and coffee. Some groups like the kindergarten or the childrens choir present sketches or little theater plays. Since some years the KJG shows photos and information material at a stand.
[Photo: Feast of Corpus Christi at the chapel]
Feast of Corpus Christi
In the easter-night we celebrate the resurection with a great meal. Every second year the KJG is responsible for this meal.
At the feast of Corpus Christi there's a procession through Altenfurt The first altar is made by the youth of Altenfurt. With the fourth altar the procession ends at the chapel.
Other actions we do is a carnival party for children, selling roses before easter or helping to prepear some festivals and so on.

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